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harmony designs photography

About April

Harmony Designs Photography

My degree in Fine Arts Photography from Ohio University enabled me to open Harmony Designs Photography LLC in 2003.  I purchased a house in the Five Points area of East Nashville to combine my home and studio locations!  I have designed the renovations of this 1926 Victorian house to create a beautiful boutique studio.

Following my personal passion for saving homeless dogs has led to volunteer work with Agape Animal Rescue, a Nashville based nonprofit, for over 10 years.  My photography has thankfully increased the number of those who find their forever families.

Indy, Pixel, Truffle, and Fable, all adopted from Agape, found their forever homes with me and my husband, Bryan.




Let's Go Preds!

Smashville is fast skating, hard hitting, gut checking hockey and has become my very favorite sport! The intense energy of the players and the roar of the crowd is so inspiring!! I will cheer for the Predators until I have no voice left and love every moment of the action!!

Don't even get me started on how exciting the last playoff season was...that was some AMAZING hockey!

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Cakes, cupcakes, and icing...OH MY!

Recently I started creating the cakes for the 1st Birthday Sessions and realized that I love baking! Since I have been making so many cakes and cupcakes to practice my icing skills, Bryan and I now have to work out every day!! One problem with baking all the time is avoiding two adorable dachshunds at my feet, hoping for a crumb or two! However, having a house that always smells like cake is a great bonus!

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Disney Magic!

I believe there is magic in the air at Disney! My first trip was at age 4, and I still remember how exciting it was to see Donald Duck's Birthday Parade, the Bear Jamboree, and to hug Eeyore!! I was immediately captivated by the art, fantasy, and joy of Disney!

Now Bryan and I look forward to our trip all year long! We ride every ride, catch every fireworks show, eat way too many caramel apples, and enjoy being big kids to the fullest!!

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Agape = LOVE

Over 12 years ago when she was just starting Agape Animal Rescue, I met Tanya Willis at her Pet Photography Session. Bonding immediately over our love of dogs, Tanya and I became friends. Since that time my studio, Harmony Designs Photography, has sponsored annual events and fundraisers in addition to photographing all of the adoptable dogs weekly. Rescuing animals has been a lifelong passion, and I love being able to support Agape's work in dog rescue!

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The studio

harmony designs photography

Five Points, located in East Nashville, is a unique, artistic, amazing place to live and work!  Having a home based studio in such a central location is a great convenience for my clients.  Offering the comforts of home and providing all of the benefits of a professional photography studio give parents the option to snack, nap, watch tv, and relax while I create beautiful images with their little ones.

I enjoy collaborating with other artists to provide custom art products for my clients: Hand crafted Heirloom Boxes, Paw Print Boxes, and Showcase Frames.  In addition Fine Art Canvases, Art Albums and archivally mounted prints are treasured art options.

To say I have a prop "addiction" might be an understatement!  Is it normal to wonder if a baby will fit into every cute basket, bucket, box, or small container?  With 100s of backgrounds, hats, outfits, and props needed for newborn and pet sessions, my clients don’t have to worry about bringing anything except the LOVE!

harmony designs photography

Giving Back

harmony designs photography

As a big believer in volunteer work, I have partnered closely with Agape Animal Rescue for over 10 years by offerings several annual fundraising events to benefit the rescue: Luv My Dog Day, Emma's Senior Dog Project, and Country Chic Canines.  Photographing all of the dogs who are up for adoption through Agape helps them find their forever homes more quickly.  I consider it a privilege to be able to blend my passion for rescuing dogs with my passion for art photography.

The Team

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I was only 6 weeks old when I visited Harmony Designs Photography for my adoptable pictures, but I knew the moment I met my, soon to be new mom, April, that I wanted to be a doggie model and studio assistant! I shamelessly flirted with her during the session and gave my best model poses. It worked and I was adopted! Since then I have modeled for events, promotions, specials, and just for fun! I love working with my mom and being in front of the camera! Plus, I get paid in my favorite yummy treats!!


Two years ago, I was adopted from Agape Animal Rescue and joined the family. I may be fairly new to modeling, but I am catching on quickly because I LOVE doing anything with my mom! She calls me her “little helper” since I like to be right in the middle of the keyboard while she sorts photographs and answers emails. I can’t help but get excited when mom says, “Let’s go work” and I will race to the studio door. I’m ready for whatever crazy bucket, box, outfit, or prop she has planned!!

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Following my heart and lured by the prospect of adventure in Nashville, I moved from Wisconsin where I was the oldest of four and grew up with lots of kid/baby experience! My two rescue dogs, Bella and Jax, connected me to the world of dachshund lovers. After settling in Nashville, I took another leap of faith by opening my own business. It was through a common client that April and I became acquainted and then realized our mutual passion for doxies and rescue work! Joining the Harmony Designs Photography team as a photographic assistant brings me the terrific opportunity to work with families and their cherished pets…a dream job!