Camera Bag Secrets

July 11th, 2017

In professional photography you can never have too many lens or too much equipment.  I am often asked about the equipment I use, so today I am spilling the secrets of my professional camera bag!

Camera Bag

My favorite camera bags for on location sessions are the Journey and Spree from Shutterbag! The bags are made from quality leather with pockets and pouches to contain absolutely everything needed. They really hold up to the abuse of weekends full of shoots and being constantly tossed about.

I have always used a Canon camera body and I am currently shooting with the Canon 5D Mark III. It is a wonderful camera body with a 22 mega pixel sensor and pin sharp 61 point custom focus. I love learning about the newest Canon released and upgrading often!

Having a variety of lens for different sessions is important!  Which one to use depends on the lighting and the subject.

For newborns I use the 35mm Sigma Art Lens for the majority of the session and switch to the Canon 28mm for macro shots of tiny toes, fingers, and eyelashes.

Family and young children sessions I typically use my Canon 24-105mm L IS. I am able to zoom in or out easily and adjust quickly to keep up with the little ones!

Events usually require switching back and forth from the 24-105mm to my Canon 70-200mm.  The 70-200mm is a heavy lens, so I only use it with a tripod or when I only need to hold it for a short time.  For a little fun I will also switch to a Canon 15mm fish eye lens!

Having equipment options allows me to capture the perfect picture every time!

Camera Bag

Hugs, April – Harmony Designs Photography

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