Easter Extravaganza

April 16th, 2017

Easter Extravaganza

Easter extravaganza! Another event like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Christmas day or every day when you can overindulge in chocolate and jelly beans! Our thoughts often drift to beautiful Easter baskets filled with an assortment of colored eggs, wrapped chocolates … and sometimes even a chocolate bunny the size of a small dog. Easter also marks another step into spring! 


Spring also means it’s time for throwing memorable celebrations for friends and family. Whether you are hosting an Easter brunch or attending a spring picnic, you can make these occasions unforgettable events for those you cherish.

Take an opportunity to spring clean, try a new sweet treat, or travel to a new destination!  Check out upcoming summer concerts and free festivals.  Prune, plant, dig, renew yourself.  The possibilities are endless!

Everyday Life

As we transition into the summer months and long after we have celebrated Easter Sunday, may we continue to bring the joy and freshness of Spring and Easter into every day of our life. When you and your family members see the sun rise throughout the year, remind yourself of the sweet spring beginnings we can recall and enjoy each day of the year.

Happy Easter from Harmony Designs Photography.

Easter Extravaganza

Happy Easter, Harmony Designs Photography

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