Meet Molly Brown

October 7th, 2017

Puppy days at the studio are the best days! We get tons of puppy cuddles and kisses…it is seriously AWESOME! Having 12 week old Molly Brown visit was no exception! She walked in and we all melted into her sweet brown eyes and then gave her all of the treats she wanted!!

We love the Tiny Paws Session because the puppies and kittens grow so quickly and change so fast! Capturing the time when they are so small, but their feet and ears are too big for them is so important. Also when they get into everything, but look adorable getting into trouble. They give sad puppy eyes in ways that aren’t even fair. This is a fleeting moment in their lives…that is truly special!



Molly Brown’s Tiny Paws Session

Now go find an adorable puppy and cuddle it!

Hugs, Harmony Designs Photography

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  • Judy / October 10, 2017 / Reply

    Love love love it all! You truly captured my sweet Molly! Thank you!!!

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