Senior Dog Adoption

March 14th, 2017

Beyond Puppy Love

A dog’s affection never fades, even as his face gets a bit greyer or she starts to move a little slower. Giving a senior dog a loving home not only helps man’s best friend, but it also changes the owner’s life for the better.  Surely this is something Kate Derrick found out when she adopted Ladie.

“I hadn’t even thought about adopting a senior dog, but when I looked at Agape’s site and saw Ladie’s picture and description, I just fell in love with her,” Kate says about the basset/lab mix. “I’m so glad I adopted an older dog.”

Ladie was around nine years old when Kate brought her home in December 2011. Now more than five years later, Ladie is still going strong and loving life. In addition one of her favorite things to do is to go to doggy daycare.   Naturally Ladie enjoys teaching some of the younger dogs how to play.

“Older dogs are such a good way to go, and they are so often overlooked,” Kate says. “They are great for families, especially with kids who are a little older.”Senior DogShe encourages people to do their research before adopting a dog and work with Agape Animal Rescue to figure out which dog is right for them. Since older dogs tend to have less energy, they are perfect for people with busy lifestyles who want to come home and watch a movie on the couch with their dog. Most of all senior dogs are typically more relaxed.  “Adopting Ladie was an incredible experience and now I will always adopt older dogs,” Kate says.

Emma’s Senior Dog Project

Owners who love their senior dogs just as much as Kate loves Ladie can capture their personality and spirit with help from April Hollingsworth, owner of Harmony Designs Photography. She created Emma’s Senior Dog Project in honor of her long-time canine companion.  Also April offers professional photography sessions for senior dogs to benefit Agape.  Kate chose to have Ladie’s glamour shots taken through this promotion since she never wants to forget that life- changing grey faced beauty. Obviously Ladie opened her heart to loving a senior dog.

Through waiving the regular $250 sitting fee and requesting instead a minimum $100 donation to Agape Animal Rescue for the photography session, April offers affordable sessions.  And only available during the months of April and August.Senior Dog


Are you looking to adopt or foster? Agape Animal Rescue has dogs of all ages ready to find their forever homes!

Hugs, Harmony Designs Photography

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